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Membership Fees
Active military: no charge
Youth (through age 18): no charge
Adult Initiation: $100 one time initiation

Full Membership – $150 per year dues – prorated to month of joining.   Entitles access to both Peg Field (2,000′ ceiling) and David McDonald Park (400′ ceiling).

David McDonald Park Flyer –  $40 per year dues – prorated to month of joining.  Entitles access to David McDonald Park (400′ ceiling) along with AMA insurance coverage at our sanctioned field with the City of Clovis.

NOTE – that the full dues amounts for either the Full or Park memberships are due no later than January 30 of each new year.

Clovis Area Modelers Club is an AMA charted club. AMA insurance is required for membership in our club.

All membership applications prior to approval will be reviewed to verify (1) AMA coverage and (2) also to ensure applications and (3) payments selected have been completed accurately.  Here is a link to a hard-copy application if needed. 

If you do not have AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) insurance, you can join the AMA by clicking here. AMA membership is now $15 annually for youth.

Click for Paper version of the Membership Application

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Welcome New Members to Clovis Area Modelers

If you are RENEWING, Please DO NOT Fill out the Join Form Again. 

Instead, click here for Renewal Payments

If you already filled out and submitted the JOIN Form on a previous occasion, and are returning to pay the Initiation and Pro-rated membership fees, 

Please click here for New Member Payments

Upon Submission, you will be redirected to our Payments page to select either the (1) Full or (2) Park Only, or (3) Life membership options.