We are dedicated to a single purpose: sharing our love of aviation with our community to the fullest extent possible. We accomplish this by ensuring that club members can access a full range of benefits available to them; building flying sites now and into the future, educating the public about airspace safety, hosting aviation events, working with our schools, and working with our veterans.

This mission is carried forward by:

  • Developing and maintaining high quality, sustainable, recreational flying sites for our community where national level events can be hosted.
  • Providing memberships at no cost to active millitary.
  • Providing memberships at no cost to youth.
  • Providing one on one building and flight instruction at no cost.
  • Providing great mentoring opportunities for youth.
  • Educating the public about airspace safety and aviation by meeting on campus with our schools.
  • Providing an area where our state university, law enforcement agencies and schools may effectively test drones clear of controlled airspace.
  • Making our airports safer by working in concert with the FAA and local First Responders to prevent incursions into controlled airspace
  • Providing support to our Combat Veterans with PTSD by involving them in various flight activities.


Clovis Area Modelers Club is an AMA chartered club and a nonprofit 501c3 corporation. We are dedicated to sharing our love of radio controlled modeling with our community. It is our goal to provide a fun and educational venue to safely engage in this great hobby. Most of us had the privilege of being mentored in our youth by others who had a passion for modeling. It not only kept us out of trouble but sent many on a great career path in aviation. Clovis Area Modelers Club is willing and well positioned to give many others the same opportunity we were blessed with earlier in life. It is our sincerest wish that we will be given the opportunity to do so.