Kings Canyon Combat Slash

The Clovis Area Modelers is excited to be hosting the third annual Kings Canyon Combat Slash on March 3-5, 2023. This event brings adds one more into California between Whittier Narrows and Ione, California; where, all event classes can be held. Because of where the field is located – just off the Old Ketcher Ranch (Peg Field) Airstrip 30 east of Fresno off Hiway 180 (Kings Canyon Hiway), this field is in a agricultural area where even Big Block Fast Combat or Vintage Combat can be held.

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The Competition

The lineup of events will appear as follows commencing with a Pilots Meeting to be held daily at 8:30 am followed by competition beginning at 9:00 am.

Here’s the rundown:

– Vintage Challenge (Bring your legacy Nemisis, Voodoos, etc.)
– High Performance 1/2A [AMA#330] (Per AMA no shutoffs required)
– Speed Limit 80 MPH [AMA#329 – Rules] (.018 lines required)
– Big Block Fast (.36ci)
– F2D (.15) Fast

All classes but 1/2A require shutoffs; these can be either line-tension or swing weight.

Note, some modifications for this event have been made as follows:

1) High Performance 1/2A will be in place vs Low Performance 1/2A
2) Speed Limit Combat to 80 MPH as per AMA Rules for #329
Please refer to the AMA 2019-2020 Control Line Combat Rules for more info.

Event Costs and Registration

The event fees are $30 per event class or a Package Option of $100 for all five (5) events plus an included Saturday lunch. A concession lunch (non package option) is available Friday – Sunday – $12 for premium burger, drink and chips. There will be awards for top 3 in each class. And, best overall. To help us plan for the event, we have an online competitor registration system. You have the option of paying now or at the event.

YOU – Are encouraged to pre-register so that we can assess the number of competitors and attendees and plan accordingly. Please use the form below to give us somewhat of an expectation.

1 Step 1
Kings Canyon Combat Slash - Order Basket
(A Control Line Model Aviation Competition)

Your AMA is needed to match against your Registration Information


Package Option

(Registration in 5 events for price of 3 plus a Saturday lunch)
[$132 value for $100  -  $32 Savings)


Non Package Options






Below you will find a summary of the items you have selected; quantity and total cost.  Please review and verify the selections and the amounts.

Package Option[field62][field62*field61]
1/2A (330)[field17][field17*field66]
75 mph (329)[field5][field5*field4]
Big Block Fast (328)[field77][field77*field76]
F2D Fast (331)[field55][field55*field54]
Extra Lunch[field49][field49*field48]
Annual Charge $xxx

Upon Submission, your information will be transferred to PayPal's Secure Site to complete the Purchase.  OR, you may delay paying until at the event itself.  Our interest in advance is to assess the number of contestants in each event class we can expect.

Thank you and We look forward to seeing you at the Event.



Travel Trailers and RV’s are welcome at the field; pets are okay but must be leashed. Trailer/RV Parking – no charge to contestants and their respective ground crews. There are no hookups – dry camping only.

Spectator Attendance RV/Trailers is $20 for the entire event.

For hotels and lodging, the Kings Canyon Event Team recommends lodging in Fresno or Clovis about 25 min away at the Wyndham-Garden Hotel located adjacent to the Fresno-Yosemite Airport. Ask for the ClovisRC Club Event Rate.

Other locations such as Best Western in Dinube is similar distance coming from the south. Other options are available – suggest using apps like etc.

Click Here for Link to Hotel

Please refer to Web Hotel Booking sites for more information. If this is unsuccessful, please try the following link to the same hotel via or use Trivago for other available hotels.

Click Here for Link to Reservation via Hotels.Com

The Field Layout for Competition

The Location & Directions

The location for this event will be at Peg Field, 1751 S. Alta Ave, Reedley, CA – 20 miles east of Fresno off Hiway 180 – Refer to the Map below. The venue offers room for onsite camping (Trailer and RV) but there are no hookups – dry camping only. Pets are okay but should be leashed.

Vendor Information

Clovis Area Modelers welcomes model aviation related vendors that desire to attend during the event. At this time, the cost for a vendor area is $10. Please note that we cannot guarantee enough locations for all vendors; however, we will do our best up to the last minute to accommodate you.