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Are you interested in learning about model aviation and in particular, “radio control”? If so, you’ve come to the right place to get started.

The Clovis Area Modelers [clovisrc.club] like other local Radio Control Clubs, the Central California RC [cencalrc.club]) offer an Intro Pilot program.

Learn With Clovis RC?

Different Types of Planes

With ClovisRC, we have several AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) Registered IP (Instructor Pilots) that can assist you in learning all about the hobby without cost. Under the intro pilot program you can fly with their AMA Insurance Coverage on a buddy box for up to 60 days. Our club or the Instructor Pilot will often have a plane and transmitter that they will use to teach you; unless, you would like to use your own.

The IP can show and instruct you on how to takeoff, to fly, and eventually how to land an airplane. The IP will introduce you to the equipment; introduce you to all types of model aviation at the flying field, and show you the advantages of different control systems. Systems that escalate from 3 channels to 15 or more depending on the complexity of the way an aircraft is setup. It all depends on where you want to go.

From that graduated learning exposure to the hobby of model aviation, you will be shown ways that investments are made into this hobby so that as you learn and grow and make your own investments you will do it with a level of knowledge that fits your desired level in this diverse hobby. From control line to free-flight to gliders to powered radio control. There’s lots to do.

Apprentice Trainer

By flying with an Intro Pilot on a training system you’ll avoid the expensive risk of crashing while learning and save lots of money up front and be able to spend wisely when the time is right. As a committed new Pilot to model aviation, you’ll be covered for free for 60 days under the intro pilots insurance and not have to buy a plane until you’re ready.

You will come to enjoy the hobby of model aviation and in turn realize a lifetime of enjoyment from weekend sport flying, to competition, to the technical aspects of Turbine Jets and Scale Models from Control Line to Radio Control.

Electric Powered Jets
Electric Powered Warbirds
Everyone Can Fly

With the Intro Pilot Program; come out and enjoy the hobby. To contact us to try this out, use our contact form at the following link.

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Also, check out the AMA Website for more information on this program.

New Model Aviation Student – Instructional Information – Click Here

Instructors – AMA Website Pilot Registration Link – Click Here