Flying Fields

Peg Field
Sierra Meadows Park

Welcome to the Clovis Area Modeler Flying (CAM) Fields
Our group enjoys flying at two different fields
setup for different purposes.

One is the Sierra Meadows Park located at Temperance and Sierra in Clovis, California.

The second is PEG field (photo above) located adjacent to the Friant-Kern Canal. This is just below the north side of Campbell Mountain near Reedley, Ca. which is a short 25 Minute drive from Clovis.

Click on a Photo above to Learn More and Get Directions

Another option to fly is Millerton Lake for float flying. This is a seasonal venture with specific days to fly. The location access requires membership in either the Central California RC (CCRC) group or the Madera Area Radio Control Society (MARCS). Please refer to their respective Websites or Facebook pages for days and how to gain access to fly.

Clovis Area Modelers is currently seeking someone to coordinate another float fly option at Millerton Lake. If you would like to coordinate this please contact our President – via the Contact Form.