New Member Payments

Thank you for your interest in joining Clovis Area Modelers.

To support online payments as a convenience for paying membership dues, we have opted to use PayPal; which, adds a minor convenience fee to each transaction.  Please use the form below to pay; or, you may coordinate with our President or another Board Member and pay via check in person or by mail. Our President or Membership Coordinator will contact you in either case to welcome you to our club.

PRORATED DUES – If the date is AFTER the 15th, please select the following month. The applicable prorated amount will be selected based on your choice.

Please Enter your AMA# into the Appropriate Space as AMA#123456 etc.
This will ensure proper credit to your membership.

Also, please use this form to determine the amount you need to pay. If you wish to pay via check or in person, simply click on the HOME button on this website and bypass the transfer to PayPal.

Note also that up to September 10, 2020 we will still be taking lifetime membership payments of $1,000; this is in addition to the initiation fee; however, offers a significant discount against possible dues increases into the future. After September 10, 2020, Lifetime Membership options on-line will be removed and interest must be presented to the CAM Officers Board for consideration.

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Prorated New Membership Options

Membership Type

Your AMA # is needed to match against payment  information

NOTE - For LIFE Membership Payments ($1000) plus the Initiation Fee ($100), the charge to the club via the bank is $32.30 per $1100 transaction. As such we’d like to recommend you pay via check to a club officer at the field. Or, you may opt to pay online and pay the additional $32.30 bank surcharge.  This Lifetime membership opportunity will be removed September 10, 2020.  After which, new requisites will be established.

Note also, the club anticipates a nominal 5% increase in dues per year.  As such, this LifeTime membership opportunity is projected at saving $400 in 10 years; and the projected payback period is 8 years to break even.

(If you select the wrong option, simply Select the $0 payment to clear the incorrect amount and then re-select the correct options.)

Please verify the summary below before submitting.

Prorated MembershipQtyTotal
Membership Prorated (Full)1[field26]
Membership Prorated (Park)1[field29]
Membership Special (Life)1[field39]
Annual Charge $xxx

Upon Submission, you will be transferred to PayPal's Secure Site to complete the Payment.  At PayPal; please verify the payment amount before payment authorization.