Sierra Meadows Park

Welcome to the
Clovis Area Modelers Club!

Based out of Clovis, California, our mission is to be the finest model aviation club in the nation.

We have two active fields to fly at;

PEG Field
PEG Field is an old ranch 3,000′ airstrip with (A) 700′ x 45′ resurfaced runway, 120′ x 24′ shade with 120vac power plus for RC; and, (B) a Control Line Circle with 10′ pilot pad. Along with RV Parking (no hookups) and cool view of the Sierras. Where we fly and also host large National and Regional Events from the US Scale Masters National Championship (2019) to the Kings Canyon Jet Rally – 2022 (Photo Below).

Sierra Meadows
Sierra Meadows is a Park near central Clovis that features a 200,000 square foot area for electric planes.
We have instructor pilots and master builders who can help you learn to fly or build your own airplane.  We invite flyers using Turbine, Gas, Glow, Wind, and Electric powered aircraft.  We fly everything from Control Line Combat to Turbine Jets.  Learn More.

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lockheed-martin skunkworks breaks fai world record with their Stalker vxe uas - clovis rc assists in the validation process

At a recommendation to Lockheed-Martin from the AMA, the Clovis Area Modelers – Contest Directors – were contacted and asked if they would assist Lockheed-Martin in tracking time for a continuous and near autonomous UAS flight over a 24 hour period.  On April 11, 2022, CD’s from the Club were Dave Fusinato, Erik LaCour, Conrad Nerdahl, and Jan Sunberg.  On the ground at the skunkworks test flight location near Pismo California were Jan, Dave, and Erik; while, Conrad monitored the event remotely through a Lockheed-Martin web interface.  This event was kept quiet until a final verification and validation of the flight record could be made.  Overall, this was an exciting opportunity for ClovisRC to assist in what ultimately became an incredible observation of extended flight duration.  All those on the ground (Erik, Dave and Jan) were equipped with ISO rated stopwatches to independently track the time for this flight from liftoff to touchdown.  The flight surpassed expectations and finished up at 39 hours.  A new official FAI record for a single continuous flight. Please use the attached link to read the entire story from Lockheed-Martin.


Lockheed-Martin - Stalker VXE UAS Sets FAI RecordWhat is the Stalker VXE - Click for a Video Demonstration

In the August 2022 issue of AMA Magazine, District-X Rep Greg Stone provided a very complimentary write-up on the Clovis RC – Kings Canyon Jet Rally – from April-May 2022. We’d like to thank Mr. Stone and the AMA for their ongoing support of Clovis RC and Aeromodeling.

Please Help Clovis Area Modelers



The Clovis Area Modelers Inc. also referred to as the ClovisRC Club is purchasing the property that encompasses the old Ketscher Ranch Airstrip known as PEG FIELD.


Such an opportunity helps to secure an existing airstrip for dedicated Model Aviation purposes from Radio Control Aircraft to Control Line Flying.  Such facilities are difficult to find as many are being encroached upon and eliminated.


Most importantly; securing this property will put ClovisRC in a strong position to establish this field under Clovis Area Modelers – CBO (Community Based Organization) and as an FAA recognized FRIA (Federal Recognized Identification Area) that will be exempt from UAS  (Your RC Planes) transponder requirements as well as forthcoming altitude restrictions.  At Peg Field as a premier regional RC Field, you’ll be able to fly when other locations may have imposed restrictions.


By purchasing the land outright and partnering with nearby educational institutions and community STEM programs, the Clovis Area Modelers will create a regional model aviation facility void of ongoing development threats; and, renovate the existing property and solidify its purpose to further education in aviation.


To achieve this goal, you can be a part of this endeavor by donating to the Clovis Area Modelers for the exclusive purpose of purchasing this property.


Donors will be recognized in some way unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous.


Click Here to Donate via GoFund Me


Kings Canyon Warbird Fly-In 2022

October 7-9,  2022 (Fri-Sun)


March 3-4-5,  2023


April 12-16, 2023

IRCHA west jamboree 2023


Wed (April 26) – Sat (April 29) 2023

May 24 – May 28, 2023

Reedley, CA

The relocated – Castle – Giant Scale RC Fly-In

Other Clovis Area Modeler Events & Services

CoPilot Flying Program

The Clovis Area Modelers (ClovisRC) Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of the New CoPilot Program.


The programs intent is to assist skilled seasoned pilots where for one reason or another due to health or other life challenges would like to continue to fly but are in need of a dedicated CoPilot.  Where the CoPilot – a skilled flyer – acts as an assistant  (copilot) to help the chief pilot get back in the flight path or out of challenging situations when needed.

Check out the Program

The Yosemite Sierra Pylon Racing Association (YSPRA)

Clovis RC - On the YSPRA - NMPRA Circuit

Introduction to NMPRA Electric Formula One (EF1)

          NMPRA (National Miniature Pylon Racing Association) Electric Formula One (EF1) is a racing event for radio control airplanes powered by electric motors. The event is intended to be easy to get into, available everywhere, reasonably priced and using off-the-shelf components (ARF and build KITS) to create the maximum amount of fun. While there is a great diversity in equipment available for electric models, the rules are designed to eliminate a technological advantage available to a limited few and allow all participants to compete on an even level.

          The NMPRA maintains strict control of the rules and their interpretation; and, will make necessary adjustments to these rules to eliminate any development, technological or otherwise, which upsets the level playing field. Therefore, the rules will provide a guideline for the racing event and its equipment, necessary for the CD to execute the EF1 event. The EFI rules to be utilized can be found by searching with your browser “NMPRA Electric Formula One Rules”. It is a 12-page PDF document dated 4/15/2014.

          The (Fresno Radio Modelers) would like to invite all interested pilots to come to Ave 12, FRM field for the 2021 YSPRA racing season, starting the last weekend of March on Saturday 27th. Pilots do not have to be a member of FRM; however, do need to have their AMA license. There will be a nominal pilot fee (to cover prizes and awards) at each contest. FRM would like all pilots that come to our YSPRA EF1 events to have an enjoyable good time and be sure to have fun.


EF1 – NMPRA Website –

EF1 – Approved Equipment –

EF1 – Racing Guidelines –

EF1 – Provisional Rules –


EF1 – Pilot Interest Form –

EF1 – FRM (modified) – Intro Form –

New Hobby Store in Town


HobbyTown US has reopened a new franchise with a new owner and new manager in Fresno.  This store comes with proven leadership and experience from the Bay Area where the owner has successfully maintained another HobbyTown Franchise in that area.

As for a location in Fresno; its still at Blackstone and Barstow; however, they have a new Blackstone frontage location.  Right there on the northeast corner of Blackstone and Barstow.
Are they open; yes, seven (7) days a week.   But at the moment they are still receiving stock to put on shelves.  Chances are they might already have what you’re looking for or need.
Their big opening is Friday, September 17, 2021.
Just an editorial note – our area in this hobby is large enough that another store (Not discounting Madera Hobby at 41/Aveue 14), this new store will help meet our new and ongoing modeling needs.
But, like any brick-n-mortar business they need our support as well.  So, before you order-online; give them a chance and help them grow.   Don’t forget to mention you’re with Clovis Area Modelers and also an active AMA member – it may yield a discount.  And, mention our website brought you in. 
HobbyTown Fresno

AMA awards Clovis Area Modelers $3,000 Field Improvement Grant


You Made it Happen!


In January 2021, the Clovis RC Club applied for an AMA Field Improvement Grant. Based in part on our accomplishments to-date like the US Scale Masters Championship, the Jet Rally’s, the Control Line Combat Event, and the Heli-Fest to name a few that we as club members jumped in to make happen through field improvements.  Not to mention, the various educational youth programs; as well as, the future events we plan on hosting for our community to help meet our commitment to further aviation knowledge through STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math).  With all of this, in May of this year we were graciously awarded the highest amount possible from the AMA; which, was a $3,000 Field Improvement Grant.  It is with great thanks to our members (past and present), attendees, and competitors that helped us get to where we are now.  This award would not have been possible without the assistance from the Academy of Model Aeronautics and all of you who contributed to our efforts.
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Accomplishments by Clovis Area Modelers

Clovis Area Modelers Club to Host 40th Annual U.S. Scale Masters Championships

"It is a great opportunity for spectators to see some of the most detailed, hand built, fine scale aircraft models in the world. "

Clovis modelers free to fly Sierra Meadows Park

" local club, with enthusiasm for flying unique model planes of all sizes, has made it its mission to bring a safe and secure spot for such recreation to the Clovis area."


"The skies over Wuhan City are set to become California pilot Tim Cone’s high-octane race track as he looks to back up his world championship title this week at the Air Race 1 China Cup – the fastest motorsport on the planet."

Clovis Modelers Receive City Council’s Support For A Space To Fly

"The Clovis Area Modeler’s Club now has the backing of Clovis City Council in its effort to find somewhere to fly."

clovis rc club member, tim cone, takes air race 1 world cup in thailand

"It was hard work but it’s been an amazing week in Thailand and I cannot wait to come back next year and do this all again."

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