David McDonald Park

information and DIRECTIONS TO David mcdonald park

David McDonald Park is an “electric only” field. Nominally the planes should average no more than a 60 inch wingspan; although, there is no limit. At the present time the only agreement that exists for individuals to fly there; are for those individuals that belong to both CAM and the AMA.  That CAM, AMA, and the City of Clovis are listed on the field sanction and corresponding insurance policy. 

The City clarified at the time of approval that other groups who wish to fly there and not belonging to the Clovis Area Modelers; must, go through the same process that CAM did; which, is to present adequate insurance and indemnification; make a presentation before Clovis City Council; and, obtain an approval vote from the council as well. Currently, there is a Park Flyer only membership with CAM – see the Join Now page.

Effective November 17, 2023 – the Clovis Area Modelers sanctioned the David McDonald Park and were able to get the park certified as a FRIA (Federally Recognized Identification Area) by the FAA through the AMA. What this means is that no Remote ID Transponders will be required to fly at this park. Liability Insurance and Adherence to AMA guidelines and FAA TRUST certification is still required. Non-AMA flyers are encouraged to join CAM (ClovisRC) as well as the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics).


Note, that CAM has a Letter of Agreement (LOA) from the FAA that provides CAM authority to fly at this site up to 400′. Since, this location is within the FAA controlled airspace limit of no less than five (5) restricted areas – to include FYI (Fresno-Yosemite-International). HOWEVER; The Agreement also stipulates that this ceiling only applies to members of Clovis Area Modelers (CAM) which is the established FRIA (Federally Recognized Identification Area) CBO (Community Based Organization) for this location. For non members of CAM (ClovisRC) the ceiling is limited to the defined altitude for the area which is 100 feet as per the LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability). This restriction is due to the proximity to 5 restricted aviation locations.


CAM has entered into an agreement with the City of Clovis to fly electrics at the park in a shared basis with other recreation venues. Like the FAA, ClovisRC (CAM) set the precedent with the help of local city leaders. The City of Clovis, Clovis Area Modelers Inc. and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) are listed together on the AMA Sanction for the use of the field as well as the required insurance coverage which is paid annually by the Clovis Area Modelers. Membership in CAM and the Park Flyer dues of $40 help to sustain this insurance policy and maintain any other requisites for flying at this location.

Otherwise, the basic rules are (1) electric aircraft and gliders only; (2) do not fly west of the tree line; and, (3) do not fly north or south of the area limits. Flying east beyond the fence line is acceptable; but, there is retrieval risk should your craft go down in the flood basins. Also note that this is a shared use facility. If people or pets are present we default to the AMA safety guidelines which is don’t endanger people or property!

There are limits as to when the park is open and for clarity those are posted on signs at each end of the field. These signs also point to the allowable flying area as represented by the below map. Generally this is sun up to sun down and a little beyond for night flyers.

All Aircraft Flown Must be Line-Of-Site (LOS) craft. No GPS/FPV Navigation beyond LOS.

Navigation Address – 8100 Sierra Ave, Clovis, California, USA
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