Kings Canyon Combat Slash – Control Line @ Peg Field
Mar 3 @ 8:00 am – Mar 5 @ 4:00 pm

The Clovis Area Modelers is excited to be hosting the third annual Kings Canyon Combat Slash on March 3-5, 2023. This event brings adds one more into California between Whittier Narrows and Ione, California; where, all event classes can be held. Because of where the field is located – just off the Old Ketcher Ranch (Peg Field) Airstrip 30 east of Fresno off Hiway 180 (Kings Canyon Hiway), this field is in a agricultural area where even Big Block Fast Combat or Vintage Combat can be held.

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Jets Over California @ PEG Field
Apr 5 – Apr 8 all-day

The Event Director(s) for this event are Jan Sundberg and Dave “Falcon” Fusinato. Dave, who’s been flying turbine powered craft since the 1990’s. A legend in jet construction and a cornerstone to Team Hunter. with Jan Sundberg taking the helm on this mission. Both are members of the Clovis Area Modelers. Jan, has excelled rapidly into the field of Turbine aircraft achieving a first at the USSM for his first appearance. His special focus is in the area of onboard cockpit authenticity employing robotics, digital displays and a HUD for the animatronic pilot. Jan is no stranger to RC Modeling having a background that exceeds 30 years. Dave himself has previously managed jet rally’s from the Fresno Radio Modelers early 2000 events to the more recent field design on the 2019 US National Scale Modelers Championship. With assistance from other notable Turbine Jet Pilots (Jim Chapman, Tom Messer, Scott Lampkin, Dan Carlson, and more) this will inevitably play into the success of this rally.

Be prepared for a phenomenal event with even Large Turbine Model Aircraft (LTMA-1) and speed with formation & High and Low G Maneuvers!

This event will be held at the CAM (Peg) field located adjacent to the Friant-Kern Canal. This is just below the north side of Campbell Mountain near Reedley, CA. A short 20 Minute drive from Clovis. This field is off Highway 180 and Alta & Jensen Avenues with a visual view of the Sierra Nevada toward Kings Canyon National Park. See directions below.

IRCHA WEST JAMBOREE – 2023 @ Peg Field
Apr 12 – Apr 16 all-day

Photo is from the KC 2022 – Jet Rally


Sponsored by Clovis Area Modelers

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Pit is covered with lighting and outlets on every post for field charging of battery packs.

Camping available onsite for registered pilots – no hookups.

25th Annual Giant Scale Fly-In @ Reedley Municipal Airport, Reedley, CA
May 24 – May 28 all-day

Flying starts on Thurs 5/24/2023 AMA / FAA ID required.60″ Bipe 80″ Mono. Jets 140″ (Span+Fuse) RV’s welcome, no hook-ups. RC and food vendors on-site. Night flying open flying after 5pm all days controlled flight-line day and night. All planes inspected. More info at


IMAC – Kings Canyon Aerobatic Challenge @ ClovisRC - Peg Field
Sep 29 @ 8:00 am – Oct 1 @ 3:00 pm

Welcome to the 2023 Clovis Area Modelers annual RC IMAC
“Kings Canyon ” Aerobatic Challenge
(Sep 29 – Oct 1, 2023)


Peg field has a re-surfaced 700’ runway with an overall length of 3,000’ with the sun mostly at your back as the pits face north. The Pit/Shade area is 120’x26′ deep and offers 20′ wide bays for large scale aircraft access.  Each bay is equipped with 110vac outlets and lighting via Solar/Generator power.  There is a 120’x15′ Tarmac in front of the pits with two (2) 65’x15′ concrete ramps to the runway. The field provides adequate room for RV/Trailer parking and overnight camping (dry camping only).

More Info and directions go to:

The field will be open for IMAC practice starting on Friday at 8am. Pilots Meeting to be held Saturday at 8:00AM.


Entry fee: $50 for IMAC members, $70 for Non IMAC members. First time Intro/Basic pilots are free with IMAC membership.

IMAC Competition for Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate Advanced and Unlimited will be both Saturday and Sunday. Freestyle demo/competition Saturday afternoon depending on Pilot availability.


Any AMA R/C Pilot who would like to try aerobatic (IMAC) competition but who has never flown in a contest before should come out Thursday at 4PM and attend our 1-2 hour orientation (where we will cover, flying etiquette, maneuvers, sequences, scoring, points, k-factors, the box, turn-arounds, callers, and scribing); then. learn and practice the BASIC sequence. On Saturday at 8AM, Intro Pilots may sign up at the field; where, you will be assisted by the Contest Director and other experienced IMAC Veteran pilots on what to do.  You will have the opportunity to fly our INTRO/BASIC sequence in the Contest.


As for the aircraft, bring what you have now. Fixed Wing – Gas/Glow or Electric and join the fun and take advantage of this opportunity to join our IMAC family. The recommended sizes for planes to compete with at the INTRO/BASIC Level are:

  • Any Low Wing Electric Aerobatic 1.1meter/42” w/s; (a Sukhoi, Extra, Visionaire etc.)
  • Any Low Wing Aerobatic .40 -.60 size model – w/s ~48”–60” (Ugly Stik/EasySport OK!)
  • Any LW Aerobatic 1.20 + size model with w/s ~ 60”– 80”, weight under 12 lbs.
  • Any LW Aerobatic 25cc –50cc with w/s ~ 80”–90”, weight under 20 lbs


  • Concessions and/or lunch will be offered for Saturday and Sunday 
  • Onsite Portable Toilets
  • Large Parking Area
  • 25 min from Clovis, CA



KC Warbird Fly-In @ Peg Field
Oct 6 @ 9:00 am – Oct 8 @ 3:00 pm

This event is open to all eras of military aircraft from turbine powered to electric. From silent observation balloons to glider’s; and, to simulated weaponized drones; albeit, similar to UAS modeled after the Tank-Buster (A-10).

AMA is required. Pilot fees $25 – lunch included – donations appreciated

Concessions will be available on-site.

The field venue is a 3200′ ranch airstrip that is 50′ wide and where 700′ has been resurfaced for model aviation scale landing gear. The covered pit area features a 120’x24′ deep area with a 120’x15′ front tarmac to ramps to the runway. Each pit bay is 20′ wide and each pole is equipped with 120vac (gen/solar) for charging; as well as lights for evening access.

Camping is available on-site for pilots at no charge and for non-pilots; please call ahead to check on availability. There are no hook-ups; dry camping only.