calendar for May 27 – May 30, 2021.

– Spectator is defined as anyone who is not a pilot or part of the pilots immediate family or the pilots pit crew.
– No more than 100 Spectators at any given time is allowed during the event.

– Spectators must register for specific day(s) and four (4) hour time slot(s) in order to gain event access.
– Spectators are not limited to one specific day or one specific 4 hour block of time. Spectators may reserve a day/time-slot for the entire event and for their respective members in their party.
– If you are intending to stay all 5 days you will need to select all time slots available; AND, make sure you enter the count of all attendees in your party.
– The registration review team will attempt to notify groups in which the 100 count has been exceeded and no slots are available.
– Not all entries will receive a time slot.
– All spectator entries are date and time stamped and will be reserved on a first-come first-serve basis.

Click here for Link to PDF Version of Spectator Status Page

Click here for Link to PDF to confirm your info is registered for a spectator slot

Clovis Area Modelers – Club Members – Click Here to Volunteer.

– Flying starts on Thurs 5/27/2021 at 12 Noon
– Event ends on Sunday and area cleaned and vacated by 5PM Sunday – May 30.
– Thursday morning is a required inspection of facilities prior to any entry.
– All pilots must check in at Registration on arrival.

AMA & FAA ID required.
– 60″ Bipe 80″ Mono.
– Jets 140″ (Span+Fuse)
– Fees have not changed: Pilots fee for the entire event $35, front row spots $60, all else $40 and vendors $100.


– No Out-of-State Attendees – due to Current Covid Restrictions and Health Department
– All days controlled flight-line day and night.
Flying Hours 9am-9PM – No Night-Flying
– All planes inspected.

– RV’s welcome, no hook-ups; Entry must be on Thursday May 27; beginning at 9am. See Instructions:
– INSTRUCTIONS FOR RV/TRAILER ARRIVALS – RV Parties (Large Groups) must ALL enter in succession at the same time; spots cannot be reserved for late arrivals. Large Groups can stage a few days in advance before carivan to the Reedley Airport at the Clovis Area Modelers – Peg Field (Link to Peg Field Directions) This field is 5 Miles away.

– The parking areas, we have 3 sections.  South of show center 3 rows perpendicular to the the runway, the center area set back from the runway all parallel to the runway and the north end all perpendicular to the runway.  Still looking at 20×40 spots. In doing things this way we really need everyone’s help and patience level to be at there best.  As stated before, the organization crew has worked tirelessly to pull this off. If these conditions cannot accommodate please hold off till 2022.


Link to the AMA Calendar and Event Sanction

Giant Scale Planes 2001 and Perspective to Size

The City of Reedley in conjunction with the Clovis Area Modelers ( is pleased to coordinate with the Central California Model Flyers in sponsoring the First Annual West Coast Giant Scale Fly-in – 2021.


For over 20 years, this Western US National event (West Coast Giant Scale Fly-In) was held at the old Castle Air Force Base in Atwater California and was coordinated by a combination of clubs but most notably, the Central Cal Model Flyers.

Unfortunately, as times changed, the old CAFB was changed to Castle Airpark and as of January 2020, the venue for that facility changed eliminating the use of it for a giant scale fly-in. To that groups credit and with their support the Clovis Area Modelers the supporting clubs will continue this great western US model aviation tradition. In doing so, intend to support the City of Reedley and the Reedley Unified School District in their Aviation Program that begins in their middle school and continues into Reedley Junior College. We thank the City of Reedley for helping sponsor this event with the use of their Municipal Airport.

Boing provides flight simulators to Reedley schools.

With this community aviation focus and with the support of all the RC pilots and Spectators that will attend this event; the positive representation and coordination working in concert, will help in the continuation of the Castle Fly-In Legacy.

The Venue Details

– Dates: May 27-30, 2020 (Note Date Correction from Original AMA Sanction)
– Location of the Event – Reedley Municipal Airport
– Hosted by: Clovis Area Modelers RC Club – AMA Club #5405
– Reedley Municipal Airport, Fresno County – Frankwood Ave/Central Ave.
– Take Highway-180 east of Highway-99 and turn south (right) on Frankwood.
– “IMAA” Legal Turbines Welcome
– Helicopters are Welcome

Fees, Camping, and Parking

– Overnight Camping – No Hookups
– No charge to Registered Pilots ($35) for Airplane Trailers, Tow Vehicles
– Pilot Vehicle Access – $5 for the entire event
– RC Model Landing Fee – $35.00 (unlimited aircraft)
– RV/Camping Fee – $40; or $60 for front row (limited – 1st come basis)
– Spectator Auto Parking – $5 per day
– Vendors and Food Available on Location
– Below is a link to the Event Flyer.

Link to the Event Flyer – PDF

Link to the Event Flyer – JPG

The Location

The location of this event will be at the Reedley Municipal Airport. This is located on Frankwood Avenue and is easily accessed off the newly extended Highway 180. Then proceed south on Frankwood till you come to the airport.

Here are three (3) different directional opportunities coming north or south toward Fresno; note, that these mapping system do not reflect the newly extended Highway 180 that bypasses the historic towns of Minkler and Centerville.

MapQuest Directions from 99/Shaw in Fresno

GoogleMaps Direction from Madera, CA

GoogleMaps Direction from Selma, CA

The Field

The field runway faces west from the pits with a prevailing north-south wind direction. The event runway area will be 1,200 feet in length while the entire facility supports a 3,314 foot runway. Refer to the below image for relative distances.

Registration Forms

Pilot Registration form is linked below for your convenience.

Pilot Registration Form

Overnight Camping

Using the Reedley Municipal Airport is a new adventure. Castle was 20 years in the making; so, please help us adjust to this first year as things will be a bit different for Reedley.

When you send in your pre-registration, submit only the $40 for a spot, individually, not as a group.  If front row spots are available when you arrive then you just pay the additional $20.  You must arrive as a group to park as a group. 

The parking will be handled just like an airshow event.  You come in and go to the row we are working on.  Once that is filled we start the next row.

Your patience in working with us on adapting to this new location is appreciated in advance.

Lets Come, Have a Great Time, Fly Like there’s No Tomorrow, Share Stories, Honor in Memory Those Who Have Flown to the Great Beyond, and Keep the Castle Legacy Alive.


> Erik LaCour (Event Director) – (559) 307-4253
> Rick Maida (CD & Registration) – (408) 460-1526