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Welcome Back Members to Your Clovis Area Modelers (ClovisRC) Club

Please take a moment and update the contact information so that we may reach you with all of our information such as critical field notifications and club events.

In respect of your privacy, please let us know in the comments section whether you would like your email and/or phone listed on the roster for club member access.

Due to new FRIA (Federally Recognized Identification Areas) approved by the FAA, ALL Recreational UAS Hobby Pilots must not only have AMA Insurance but also take the TRUST Test and obtain a TRUST certification number; as well as, register with the FAA and obtain a small UAS FAA #.  These are new requisites going forward for all radio control aircraft.

Click Here To Link to the AMA TRUST Site

Click Here to Link to the FAA UAS DroneZone Registration Page

All members are being given a 45 day grace period from March 23rd to obtain and update their club information.

After 45 days non-complying members will be placed into a NOFLY Status

We have learned from other clubs in larger metropolitan areas that the FAA has already initiated on-site inspections of such.  It is our goal to be compliant to maintain our FRIA status.

Upon Submission, you will be redirected back to the renewal page.  Thank you for helping us reach you.