September 4, 2020 @ 8:00 am – September 6, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Lt Col George Andrew Davis Jr Field

Event date:  9/5/2020 – 9/6/2020
Site: Lt Col George Andrew Davis Jr Field
Category: Control Line Combat
Location: Lubbock, Texas
Lat / Long: 33.583189 / -102.008837

$25.00 per event
Lunch provided both days with entry
Burgers and drinks supplied Saturday night at Combat Museum.

Saturday, “Air to Air” combat. Rules here http://streamershuttle.blogspot.com/p/air-to-air-75mph-speed-limit-combat.html

Sunday. Nostalgia Combat:


The intent of Combat Graffiti, is to build quality, authentic, pre 1970 combat models and fun-fly them in “gentlemanly” combat matches.
This is not just a Combat Event. If you think so, you will be disappointed; it is a “builder’s event”.
Models will be primarily judged on conformance to the original plan form and equipment, appearance and finish quality. Flying points are secondary. See “Scoring” below for points system.

Since the quality of models is expected to be high, aggressive flying that may unnecessarily endanger models and safety, will not be tolerated and matches may be stopped.
Models can be for any .19 to .36 engine and must fly on 60 foot lines. See “Engine” & “Lines” specifics below.

Additionally, period costume will be encouraged as well as trim schemes that were popular to that period.
Remember, this is a “FUN” event. Everyone who enters will be a “winner”.


1.1 Engine: Any .19 to .36 c.i.d. diesel or glow engine, single bypass, that was preferably designed, manufactured and publicly available in or before Dec 31st 1970.  Models must remain under 75 mph. See “Speed Limit” below.

1.2 Fuel System: Any fuel system may be used.
1.3 Propeller: Any propeller that meets AMA safety specifications may be used.
1.5 Speed: See “Speed Limit” section below but Maximum is 75mph.

2.1 Period: A model that was designated for combat use and published, or kitted and sold prior to Dec 31st, 1970.
2.2 Design Allowances: Models must be an accurate plan view of the original. Construction must follow the original intent.

The following alterations are allowed but the closer to the original construction, the more points you can earn.
-Minimal structural reinforcements with modern materials.
-Spars may be moved, modified or eliminated.
-Any airfoil may be used.
-Modern covering may be used.
-Heavier lead-outs and other safety aspects will not be penalized.
The following alterations or substitutions are not allowed.
-Foam construction. (Excluding Vampire)
-Exterior controls, unless original plans called for such.

2.3 Number of Models: Flyers may enter any number of models but must select two models to fly. So make them last! Static points gained with those models only, are allowed to be carried forward into flight rounds. You will get the static points with the airplane you choose to fly in the match.
-Substitutions are at the discretion of the Judge.

3.1 Pull Test: Current AMA or MAAC pull test will be conducted on all flying models.
3.2 Lines: All models shall use 60 ft .018 diameter braided steel lines plus or minus 6”.
3.3 Thong: All flyers shall use an AMA or MAAC approved safety thong. -It may not be removed until your model is down.
-Failure to use a thong while flying, at any time, will result in event ejection.
3.4 Speed Limit: For field safety reasons, a Maximum of 75mph will be strictly enforced.
-Suspect models will be timed prior to engagement and the match will be stopped.
-Offenders will be given one chance to rectify their speed.
-That is 7.3 seconds for two laps flying at arm’s length, pulling the contest legal streamer for the event. Airplanes will be timed at the first of the match only.
3.5 Pit Crew: Two pit men and a pilot are allowed.
-Alternatively, he must stand next to engine starter until the engine is running, and cannot run to the handle until the battery clip is removed from running aircraft.
3.6 Combat Site:
-Contestant must start his own engine. Hand starting required. Once first model is airborne, an electric starter may be used on second model.

Pilot’s Circle will be 3 foot radius, clearly marked, pilots must stay inside this circle.
-The center marshal  may stop the match to relocate pilots.
Pitting Circle will be 70 foot radius, clearly marked.
-Starting, maintenance or re-starts must be done at that line, or beyond. Electric starters may be used on all restarts.

Notes on scoring:
This is a fun event intended to “showcase” vintage combat models. It is NOT just about flying 35 size combat. Flyers cannot “win” using a poorly constructed and film covered model. In fact, static points may end a match-up before it is flown.

As an example; If a pilot with an authentic, well-constructed, dope finished model is drawn against a poorly constructed model covered with film, the flying will not take place. Not enough points can be achieved in flight to overcome the deficit. The well-constructed model wins, and moves on. The poorly constructed model can only fly, if drawn against a similar model.

Static Scoring:
0-25pts Original color scheme or common era schemes.
0-35pts Quality of model appearance & original construction.
0-30pts Finish.
A period dope finish –max 30pts.
A iron on finish –max 10 pts.
35pts Bonus points for models in or before 1960.
20pts One time bonus for the flyer using the most unique airplane.

Match Scoring:

The Match:
Total time in the match is 4 minutes. This is from the time the signal is given to start engines until the signal to stop the match.

• Electric starters may be used. (see above)

A second “start” signal will be given by the center marshal, approximately two full laps after the second aircraft is in the air, at which point pilots may engage. Pilots are required to fly level during this time.
Crews will be allowed time to warm up their engines at the circle prior to the match.

Match Points:
Kills are not allowed. Any flyer that makes a kill will lose all flying points.

Streamer cuts will be awarded 35 points each with a maximum of two cuts per flyer, per match. If both flyers have two cuts, the match will be stopped. Cut count will be determined by judges only. When they score two cuts per pilot, they will stop the match. Flying one pass, up the streamer, producing confetti is only considered as one cut.

Flying time:
One point per second of air time during the allowable match will be awarded unless the match has been stopped. Maximum 240 points.
Each match winner is decided by a total of his static points and his match points.
The winner moves on.
Each match starts afresh with just the flyer’s Static points.

Contest Director: Mr BOBBY D MEARS
Phone: (806)778-5465
Email: bmears9413@aol.com