September 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am – September 20, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Regional Airport, Roseburg OR
Mike Hazel
(541) 689-5553

NW-Regionals-reg.flyer.20Dear Control-Line Fliers:

Pacific Northwest control-line model aviation clubs would like to invite you to attend the 49th Northwest Control-Line Regionals on Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-23-24.
The Regionals this year offers 46 separate competition events.
The contest will be held at Roseburg Regional Airport in Roseburg, Oregon. Limited RV space is available on site. Motels, restaurants and camping are within a short driving distance. The nearby Hampton Inn will be the Regionals host hotel.
This AMA AA-sanctioned contest features four PAMPA classes of Precision Aerobatics, Old-Time Stunt, Classic/Nostalgia 30 Stunt, sportsman and expert classes of Profile Stunt; AMA Fast, High-Performance 1/2-A, 80-mph, Vintage and 15 Fast Combat; Profile, Class I, Class II, .15, Sport 40 and Nostalgia (profile and Class I/II) Navy Carrier; Mouse I, Northwest Sport, Northwest Super Sport, and Northwest Flying Clown Racing, Sportsman Flying Clown Racing; Authentic, Sport, Profile, 1/2-A and Fun Scale; and 1/2-A, 1/2-A Proto, A, B, C, D, FAI, Jet, Sport .21, .21 Proto, Northwest B Proto, Formula 40, F2D Proto and Northwest Sport Jet Speed.
Information about the contest and copies of the contest flyer and advance entry forms can be downloaded from the [flyinglines.org](https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fflyinglines.org%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1L_5lmNkFM3bauRzRKcBXtE_5fIBFo6T-duy2_CIc8LxoWE8DHoB18g70&h=AT2tYcEhywRdWWcDTbnCEsJKm2cgwQN9bp37-muUSdchlIPP7Utp6p3xN9Bf9yndbHoeEvk_daR5W3uJqRCZx_564Of-aS6VOcmFTI8fbVYXi3K3aGee8SLZFLLP8g1qpGmhCfmFCil-8BoHJe1dUnMmm1rCOKIfmx3L1Lgy3alr) website. Rules for Northwest competition events also are at


Further information on the Regionals can be obtained from John Thompson, 2456 Quince St., Eugene, OR 97404, e-mail JohnT4051@aol.com, or phone (541) 689-5553.


John Thompson, Assistant Contest Director