CoPilot Flying


Welcome to the Clovis Area Modelers (ClovisRC) new CoPilot flying program.

As we came into the hobby we were novices at flying RC and needed the help of skilled RC Pilots using a buddy-box to maintain sustainable flight. But as we’ve grown in the years, we have mastered the skills at flying but from time to time we lose focus on our aircraft. Often, we dont have anyone to pass the transmitted off to or we’ve reached a point where we’re just not sure we can fly RC anymore.

Well hold on and don’t give up!

Clovis RC Flyers recognizes this predicament and a member reached the epiphany where; “when we were young we relied on skilled pilots to train us; but, as we’ve grown older and our eyesight and reaction time starts to fail we rely on those we’ve trained to carry us into our twilight flight.

For whatever the reason, we need that second set of eyes and faster reaction from a skilled and dedicated copilot; and, not to teach us, just a copilot to get us back on the right flight path.

And that is just what this program is, A CoPilot Program where you are the Chief Pilot and the CoPilot is there to spot for you and assist you when its needed.

No stigma, just two experienced RC flyers standing or sitting together, shooting the bull, and helping each other out when needed. And today, we don’t need to use the umbilical “embarrassing” DSC cables; instead, we connect both radios wirelessly.

So, if you’re interested in flying with a skilled copilot; then, please fill out the below form and help us help you continue to enjoy this great hobby.

Here are a few photos of my copilots I’ve been blessed with training to help me when I need it. … Conrad Nerdahl

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Welcome to the CoPilot Flying Program.

Please provide some information so that we may contact you and schedule some flying time.

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