Gentlemen, A reminder that the gate at Peg Field must be locked by the last person out. The gate was found unlocked and open Saturday morning when the first person arrived. Our combo lock was left unlocked on the chain. It is also wise for the first person in to secure the lock to the chain so that some passer-by can’t look at our code when its in the unlocked position. Remember to allways lock our lock to the shackle of the other lock not the chain so the propperty owner (Barney) can get in easily. He has been so kind to our club we want to do our part to keep him happy with us. We will be having a funfly and barbeque for club members at Peg Field on May 5th. We will be inviting a few special guests including Clovis Mayor, City Council, and Flood cotrol staff among others. The Mayor has already indicated that he will attend. This is our opportunity to show them our hobby and what we do. It will benefit us greatly if we can create a positive experience for them. Food will be provided by the club at no charge. Please RSVP as soon as possible to this email if you plan to attend so we can plan accordingly for food. We need to bring all the nice models, (running or not) we can possibly bring with us to display to our guests. Our members will need to be at the field by 9am to set up a nice big flightline. Our guests will be arriving at 10am. I would like to see lots of big models in the mix. If you have them, bring them.This will be a fun time of great flying and food!!! Erik LaCour President Clovis Area Modelers AMA charter #5405 (559)307-4253